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David Kenik is the owner of Armed Response, author of the book, Armed Response, and co-author of the Armed Response Video Training Series.

David was certified as a police instructor in pistol, revolver, shotgun and rifle. Additionally, David is a contributing editor to several firearms magazines.

David has been an avid shooter for over thirty years and has trained with many internationally recognized use of force programs in the judicious use of lethal force, firearms, defensive shooting, weapon disarming and retention, and edged weapons.

As a gun rights advocate, David co-founded and is a Past Chairman of Citizens’ Rights Action League, a state-wide group that advocates the right to self-defense and lobbies against gun control legislation in Rhode Island. Under his leadership CRAL was an effective force against restrictions upon of law-abiding citizens.

Ralph Mroz is an internationally recognized authority on defensive tactics, firearms training, and training methods. Ralph is the past Training Director of the Police Officers Safety Association, Inc. and a retired police officer in formerly assigned to his county’s counter drug/gang task force.

Mroz has produced the Facing the Blade and Extremely Close Quarter Shooting videos and is the author of Defensive Shooting for Real-Life Encounters and Tactical Defensive Training for Real-Life Encounters. His publications have re-defined the way that training is done with firearms and for edged weapons defense. He is also the author of several hundred articles in the professional law enforcement press.

Major John L. Plaster, USAR (ret.), served three, 1-year tours in Southeast Asia with the top secret Special Forces covert operations unit, MACV-SOG. Qualified as a paratrooper and a Green Beret weapons and communications NCO, he led intelligence-gathering recon teams deep behind enemy lines in Laos and Cambodia on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Wounded once and decorated for heroism four times, in 1970 Plaster was selected to fly with USAF Forward Air Controllers, and accumulated more than 350 aerial combat missions.

Combining his SOG experiences at stealth, camouflage and stalking with his postwar experiences as a competitive shooter and State Marksmanship Coordinator, in 1983 he co-founded the National Guard Sniper School which quickly became a major national training program, instructing hundreds of students from all military services and many law enforcement agencies. After retirement. he continued to instruct for police agencies – from Alaska to Florida and California to Connecticut -- including a four-year stint as a Precision Rifle Instructor at the prestigious Gunsite Training Center.

In addition to guest lecturing at various Special Operations schools and the U.S. Army’s Command & General Staff College, he has authored six books and designed a sniper rifle stock and several pieces of shooting gear.

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